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Obihai are OBi110 & OBiTALK

Obihai are OBi110 - & - OBiTALK allow people to bridge voice services and talk for free

VoIP service provider VoicePulse and solutions purveyor 888VoIPStore onboard at startup 

    LOS ANGELES - October 4, 2010- Obihai technology today announced the immediate availability of its first product - the OBi110 voice service bridge and terminal adapters along with its launch partner 888VoipStore at booth # 101, Internet Telephony Conference and Expo (ITEXPO).  The OBi110 is a stand-alone, dedicated device, built with a "system on a chip" to ensure high performance platform to reliable and high quality voice calls. The OBi110 computer is not required, and a computer does not have to be to talk on the phone or use OBi110 of powerful services bridging feature.The OBi110 is "always-on" to make or receive a Anruf.Die OBi110 has SIP, OBiTALK, telephone and landline-POTS interfaces.  The OBi110 is the catalyst for realising the full value of OBi products applications and Obihai's OBiTALK network free calls under OBi endpoint devices and applications allows.  

"A OBi110 as your own telephone company", said Jan Fandrianto, Obihai President and CEO. "The OBi110 is associated with OBiTALK and other services, such as from a VoIP service provider or a land line, people can communicate with their families, friends and colleagues with more comfort and lower costs."  Fandrianto went on to say "OBiTALK is built on a social networking Web-based platform provides users with a user friendly interface to control the power and flexibility of OBi products."

The OBi110 allows users to take control of your digital and analog communications life. Users have which makes mobile to bypass landline and Internet phone services on OBi110's on board telephone and landline connections both to SIP Services and the free OBiTALK network over the Internet."Any person who uses the a mobile or fixed phone and a circuit or packet service value in Obihai see that our OBi products and OBiTALK a decisive 'add-on' each communication service subscription become", said Fandrianto.

Social networking is on the communication from

The OBi110 offers users with an abundance of control and enhanced convenience by combining a broadband Internet connection to VoIP, and if necessary, a fixed network connection to the local phone company, cellular service providers or VoIP service."" The OBI110 is an innovative device due to the way that it offers in a package, a combination of features and user interface is flexible and powerful than anything we have seen for the consumer market,"Ravi Sakaria, CEO, VoicePulse, a leading provider of VoIP said.""The folks at Obihai have shown that a clear understanding of what the market wants and have a device that meets the demand that is geliefert.VoicePulse excited to work with Obihai and to announce that our VoicePulse fully supported the OBI110 SIP trunking service."

The OBi110 can use the Web and social networking tools to bring everything and all together.If it is meaningful to the OBi110 can use the Internet and OBiTALK connectivity between OBi users.A traditional telephone service is never needed, to connect to machen.sprechen is really free.

For rates and availability

"The OBi110 list price is $69.99 and now from 888VoipStore, a value added distributor of VoIP technology products and solutions to the Verfügung.Obihai has decided to offer to launch best-of-breed solutions with your knowledge portal at http://VoipStore.com OBi110 related 888VoipStore because of their focus on reseller education and engagement."""We look forward to working with Obihai as their launch partner for the OBi110"Kerry garrison, Vice President of strategy, 888VoipStore."The manner in which, the OBi110 integrates analog telephony, SIP trunking, social networking and VoIP service really einzigartig.Es has the makes, a viral force for our partners and their customers, "Said garrison."


For more information:

Obihai technology, Inc.: (303) 900-3210, press@obihai.com



888VoIPStore: Kerry garrison (888) 864-7786, kerry@voipstore.com


VoicePulse, Inc.: (732) 339-5100, public.relations@voicepulse.com


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